The most fearsome of our Pascal gaming laptops are normally the desktop replacements, which are thicker and heavier than their GL kin. These machines pack a greater punch for gamers and power clients unwilling to settle for anything not as much as a genuine desktop encounter, yet despite everything they fit into a rucksack you can undoubtedly convey between home, school, work, and the following LAN party. Some desktop replacements are less demanding to transport than others. At just shy of 1.4″ thick and 8.4 lbs, the G701VI is recognizably more slender and lighter than the 1.9″, 9.5-lb G752VS.


Both have 17.3″ showcases controlled by IPS-sort boards with clear hues and wide review edges. The screens are sufficiently vast to share, whether you’re doing combating one-on-one in Street Fighter, collaborating in a split-screen Rocket League coordinate, or stunning a horde of onlookers with your performance abilities. Wide review points guarantee that everybody can see the activity unmistakably, without dull or washed-out hues.


The G752VS and G701VI both utilize half breed console switches that mate a scissor switches with elastic arches. The outcome conveys a punchy, fulfilling feel with a lot of travel. Programmable macros are normal in gaming circles and basic in the warmth of fight, so we brought them installed too. Five committed full scale keys let you perfectly execute complex combos with a solitary press. There’s a committed spilling catch, as well, permitting you to rapidly communicate your aptitudes to armies of fans. (Abilities and armies of fans excluded.)

Need more redesigns? Notwithstanding offering 10Gbps of transfer speed by means of USB 3.1, the Type-C ports can push 40Gbps to Thunderbolt 3 gadgets. On top of that, HDMI 2.0 confirmation makes ready for driving 4K shows at up to 60Hz. These desktop replacement laptops can even replace home-theater PCs.


Gameplay smoothness hugy affects your feeling of inundation. Recreations ought to in a perfect world keep running at the most astounding conceivable casing rate, and the invigorate rate of the going with show ought to be sufficiently high to keep up. The ROG G701VI lifts both to convey a superior ordeal for hardcore gamers alongside a profitable edge for focused players.

A ultra-quick 120Hz board makes up one portion of the dynamic couple that characterizes this brute. The show upgrades twice as every now and again as normal 60Hz screens, conveying luxurious smoothness to development and movement. The higher redesign recurrence additionally lessens input slack, making diversions feel more responsive and associated.

NVIDIA’s top notch GeForce GTX 1080 GPU extinguishes the show’s hunger for new casings. The huge daddy of the portable Pascal lineup effectively pushes more than 120 FPS at the machine’s 1080p local determination, and G-Sync is there to smooth out any plunges underneath the pinnacle revive rate. As though preparing the quickest portable GPU on the planet weren’t sufficient, we likewise turned up the tickers. The GPU runs 40Hz speedier than stock, and its 8GB of GDDR5X memory gets a 150MHz lift.


Manufacturing plant overclocking isn’t constrained to the discrete illustrations. The Intel Core i7-6820K CPU regularly hits 3.2GHz with every one of its cores lit up, yet the G701VI’s a single tick Extreme Mode wrenches the quad-core recurrence to 3.8GHz. Tweakers can push the chip much further with the framework’s manual overclocking mode, which underpins accelerates to 4.1GHz. Indeed, even in Extreme Mode, there’s all that could possibly be needed pull for amusement gushing, virtual reality, and other rebuffing workloads.

The last overclocked part is the DDR4-2400 memory, a sound lift over the DDR4-2133 default. Overwhelming multitaskers can outfit the machine with up to 64GB of RAM. Capacity best out at 1TB by means of double 512GB M.2 strong state drives in RAID 0. The SSDs have heaps of transmission capacity on account of their PCIe 3.0 x4 interfaces, and they utilize the low-overhead NVMe protocol to additionally improve execution. This present laptop’s stockpiling leaves most top of the line desktops in the tidy.

Gamers incline toward headsets, so we included an ESS Saber DAC and speaker intended to take advantage of your most loved jars. The redesigned equipment builds dynamic range and diminishes undesirable clamor to convey unrivaled general sound. It additionally supports the yield for earphones, so the front line resounds with appropriate oomph.

Notebook producers get a kick out of the chance to boast about having the “best” this and the “quickest” that, however gamers realize that you get the best understanding from an adjusted mix of segments that function admirably together. The G752VS encapsulates this approach with a show and GPU that consummately supplement each other.